27 March 2010

Charles Kane!

I finally saw this movie. Yes. So I spent a little of my Saturday afternoon piecing together the infamous Kane election poster from five movie stills.

28 February 2010

Project X-RAY: Common Sense

This semester, my friend Craig and I teamed up to build a project, tentatively titled "Common Sense." It's a museum exhibit, infographic, and sculpture piece, all wrapped into one. We're examining the American Dream --- where it came from, where it is now, and where it might go someday.

It's very exciting, and we're hoping that we might get funded by the Pepsi Refresh project. Our website, www.projectxray.blogspot.com, will be updated over the next few months, tracking our progress.

Killer Balloon Art

Very cool. Incredibly playful. Nearly terrifying. http://www.jasonhackenwerth.com/#

02 December 2009

Charts rock

Chart on the left about says it all, doesn't it?

21 November 2009

Philippe Starck at TED

I never cared much for Philippe Starck until I saw this video. No self-aggrandizement - no slides of his work - just humility. Design may not be "oosless," but I agree that it creates better fiction than reality.

25 September 2009

Vanishing Point

I finally watched Vanishing Point (1971) last night. I have no idea why it took me so long. What an excellent, excellent film.