30 April 2009

chair poster

things are coming together... the multiply textures and colors might be cheater tactics, but so long as the outcome functions, i'm not going to complain about it.

21 April 2009

annie clark

she's my favorite.  her new album comes out next month, but god bless those folks at NPR if they're not streaming it right now.  for free.

20 April 2009


a few weekends ago, i was blessed with the opportunity to visit the Houston Intercontinental Airport --- the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, natch.  inside, i discovered this magnificent bronze statue of number 41.  

such grace.  such contropasto.  such wind-blown elegance.

a dashing, handsome president?  mission accomplished.

17 April 2009

more chair

it's coming along!

11 April 2009

chair screen grab

at long last, i'm doing some work.