24 July 2009

Remember when?

I lived here, once...

22 July 2009

NeoCon 2009 Aftermath

Somehow, Caitlin snagged tickets to a NeoCon afterparty at the House of Blues. What began as an academic day of research and study quickly devolved into a celebration fit for Bacchus. There were snacks!

And dancing.

Mostly, though, there was mugging for the camera.

More Portfolio updates

I must have job interviews next week... just updated my K60 Lounge Chair project. Reordered a few things, improved some renderings (you can see the original cover page below). Could a SCB update be far behind?

21 July 2009

let's not forget

While we remember the heroism of all those involved in the Apollo space program, let's not forget the efforts of this terribly brave, yet terribly unlucky, man, the George Harrison of Apollo 11.

20 July 2009

Another Google Blanket Update!

I swear, this is the last time that I update this project. I think, now, it's finally at the level at which it needs to be.

Related: 100th post! Updates have been scarce lately; I've been considering grabbing the rudder and changing the direction of this blog, now that I don't have tales from the East to share. Hopefully a new portfolio website is in the cards soon, as well as experiments with Rhino and Alias, more furniture concepts, and maybe even more car design crit...

11 July 2009

neocon 2009

some photographs from this year's NEOCON furniture fair in beautiful downtown Chicago. this was my third year attending... i'm starting to get familiar with a lot of the furniture, so there wasn't much surprising for me this year.

definite highlight of the show: my stacking solution! this little plastic bumper, on the bottom of Haworth's Very Wire Stacker, took up the majority of my time at my internship at Haworth last summer. fun to see it real.

favorite chair from the show: Herman Miller's Setu. comfortable, flexible, constant seating surface: beautiful and functional plastic chassis. simple construction. really excellent.

i think this natural pattern, this idea, is finally on its way out.

it's not a movement, it's an abomination.

cool fabric at the show. from a distance, the print looks like clouds, but up close, it's a matrix of hundreds of different, colorful shapes. very cool stuff. very curious how the artist made the print, manually or through some computer algorithm...