24 February 2009

the future

watching a live stream on a newspaper website of our black president deliver the state of the union.  posted in real time.  sometimes i love the future.

15 February 2009

art: sunlit couch

i promised myself i would make time to simply experiment.  it took me a little time, but i kept the promise.  beautiful and sunny morning, a nap on the couch, and a little photoshop spice.

13 February 2009

chair 2

more chair: here, a form exploration / exploring new tools in Alias, a 3D modelling program.

10 February 2009

koolhaus kandle

one would think that the people who invented fireworks would know how to control fireworks.  above, a famous and new rem koolhaas building that roasted down in beijing the other day.

more significantly, this chinese language website with great pictures, altered and otherwise.  as a friend back in hong kong would say, "soooo PRC!"

08 February 2009

barcelona chair

the inspiration behind the chair below, and for any upcoming posts about my studio project, is this, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chair.  our brief for class is, natch, brief: design a timeless, elegant, and classic chair inspired by the design of a classic.  

the Barcelona chair had the most hooks to its story (maybe the most famous chair... designed for the German Pavilion in 1929... cool materials...), and I happen to like it, so it got the nod.

calatrava under construction

really awesome photo of a santiago calatrava building under construction.

04 February 2009

side chair

preliminary model of this semester's project: chair.