07 July 2008

wagons west: jeep cherokee

i really love these trucks.

my car, an older vw jetta, broke down, and i've been tooling around in my stepdad's cherokee. it's been a treat. it's a small truck, as trucks go, but it's more than enough vehicle --- so long as you're not grossly overweight. it fits, like a tailored shirt, comfortable but no excess. nothing looks more awkward than a 5ft-nothing mom piloting an escalade down the highway.

what's more, the styling is simple, but powerful. it's as square as an old volvo, but design is completely resolved, no mistakes, no afterthoughts, no compromises. the chamfer on the main shoulder line, for instance, transitions right into the a-pillar, controlled, purposeful.

with rising gas and raw material prices, i expect -- and hope -- to see more rightsized, classic styling in cars soon.

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