15 September 2008

macau construction

this weekend i took a spontaneous trip to macau, the las vegas of china --- only city in the middle country where gambling is legal. however, "city" is a little misleading. macau is actually a giant construction site, and will be a city in five, ten years.

this was one of my favorite pictures, that really illustrates the nature of development in china --- that i've seen so far, anyway. in the foreground are traditional buildings, five stories tall, a vast blanket of weathered textures and colors. those buildings are replaced by the tall tenements, twenty-plus story towers of cheap, small housing, every building the same as the last. finally, in the background, the new monsters that are being built. they are entirely wrapped in green fabric, christo style, and framed by bamboo.

also --- that's not fog, that's air pollution. visibility is two miles, at best.

1 comment:

Caitlin said...

good thing you have all those bags protecting your food from that pollution. although there's nothing like cheerios and carbon monoxide milk in the morning.