05 March 2009


the two boards for my midterm presentation for my chair design studio.  i'm leaning toward the second option, because it's nearly absolutely useless.  not much use for a chair that you can't put up against the wall --- unless you've got a big, beautiful space.

this has been a challenging project, and not just because i've also been trying to finish my china project at the same time.  i'm a big fan of my I.D. hooks (like, ooo, it's made out of recycled materials, or, ooo, it folds up!) and bullshit like that, but i've made myself stay away entirely.  it's been hard.  

it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of some designers and just say "this is my design, what do you think?"

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Ben said...


Design 1:

Yes, good, I likey, sexy look, Perhaps a bit "perchy". But very uber modern and Looks like it's comfortable for short sitting stints. This would appeal to high powered executives and swimsuit models while waiting for a $300 haircut.

Design 2:

I'm glad to see that there are designers out there thinking about the practicality of their furniture as well as the design.

I believe that yes, not great for small spaces, but most excellent for some houses that I've been in recently. I'll have to send pictures. This is a perfect way to fill the corners of large rooms without looking like you're trying to fill the corners of large rooms.

I also get a comfy beach-side bar feel to this chair. Enough room in a pseudo-outdoor environment for the legs in back, but sexy enough for a lounge. Good hybrid mojo going on there.