05 September 2009

Odds and Ends

Felini's 8 1/2 was on IFC the other day, and I had to get a picture of those glasses. Sadly, I couldn't wait around for the beautiful sunglasses that show up later.

This is my stepdad Dave's '95 Jeep. Over this past week, I sandblasted, primed, and painted the wheels to match the forest green body. We turned the whitewalls in when we remounted the tires. Looks pretty tough, I think.

Finally --- that's no dual monitor setup. That is the power of TWO desktops?!


Ben said...

Well, that is damned sexy. I hope it's working well!

Also, you may want to check out "synergy" Evil word, good software.

Essentially you can use one keyboard and mouse to control multiple systems... i use it constantly at work. I control my three systems with one mouse and keyboard. Let me know if you want more info.

Really, I'm more interested in the background. Is that your office?!? like... 10x sexier than mine.. mine's like... corporate modern america... no cubes, no ceilings.. just the glare of the florescent lights and the loud sales guys watching you tube all day.


CRAIG said...

looks like you're sitting right about where my old desk used to be!

love that afternoon sun blasting through the windows while you're trying to work.

Karl said...

Ben: Twisthink, indeed, is a beautiful place to work.
Craig: Until, of course, that afternoon sun renders your screen useless.