07 November 2008

my apartment, part i

this is a very long-overdue post.  but now that i am essentially done with school, i expect to start whitling down my hong kong to do list. 

we'll start with the living room.  it's hard to capture how small my apartment is, no good camera angles, way too much fisheye on my camera's lens.  this is our nicest room.  there's ryan, on the couch.  say hi, ryan!

over here we have our healthy, american-sized tv.  it's the only appopriately sized element of our apartment.  those doorframes aren't more than 6.5 feet, at best.

this is our couch.  i hate our couch.  

it's really a loveseat, for one.  for two, well, look at it --- this thing wasn't designed for the rigors of supporting to american elephants.  apparently six foot tall and over 160 lbs is just well, well beyond the stress test levels for chinese furniture.

you can see here, too, what ryan and i refer to as the "ass-breaker" feature of the couch.  the seat supports, maybe, half our thighs, which means we ultimately have to lean back in the couch like we were riding around in a hooptie.  after three hours, the curve in the small of my back has been entirely eliminated. 

next: the incredible shrinking apartment.

1 comment:

Ben said...

... This reminds me... of the time i demolished the couch in your room by sitting on it.

I think you now know how i feel when sitting on most furniture.... monstrous.

I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to photograph me in hong kong. People would start to hang hats on my arms thinking i was a coat rack.