07 November 2008

my apartment, part iii

mercifully, the bathroom is larger than the kitchen.  a little, anyway.

again, a very small sink.  no counter space.  the landlord saw fit to fix a crack with scotch tape.  and because i couldn't get a good angle on the bathroom to show this --- the sink is inside the shower.  there's no room for it anywhere else.

if you look closely, you can see my reflection in the tile --- that's where my eye level is.  you can see that the mirror doesn't quite --- doesn't at all --- show my face when i stand at full height.  i am at least a foot taller than most hong kongers.

this little thing, which an american might mistake for a garbage can, is actually a washing machine.  you can fit a pair of jeans and maybe a few shirts, if you're lucky, before overloading it.  and again --- yes, the opening is the size of my not-oversized palms.

1 comment:

Ben said...

On first sight, it looked like you were comparing the size of your hand to a micro-toilet.

I probably would have accidentally taken a crap in it before figuring out what to do with it.