16 January 2009

yanghsuo, part six

after moon hill, i hopped back on my scooter for another swing through the villages around yangshuo.  i passed through some large and dramatic new development before i found the countryside.  there, in the distance: a tire fire.

after some time i realized that it was getting late, i was by myself, and it was time to turn around.  not before taking a few more shots.

the next day, my last in yangshuo, was a slow one.  i finally managed to get a picture of one of these, well, chinese model t's.  twenty year old tractor engine dangling off the front.  i couldn't take a picture of the smoke, and noise, it makes when it's running.

before getting on the sleeper bus to return to hong kong, i took a stroll through yangshuo's main park at sundown.  passed by a soviet-style monument to the workers of china, blocky and concrete.  that's as communist as china ever got.

home sweet home.  skyscapers and twelve lanes of traffic.  what more could i ask for?

well, japan.

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