15 January 2009

yangshuo, part five

there it is.  the infamous moon hill, so named for the half moon worn out of the hill.  after i parked my scooter, i was approached by a small, old chinese woman who spoke, maybe ten words of english.

she walked up the whole hill with me, right by my side.  

after ten minutes, i started climbing as fast as i could, to see if i could shake her.  i was afraid she might charge me 1000 yuan for a "tour" of the hill, or some other horrible scam.  at the end, though, she only wanted to sell me a bottle of water.  for about a buck fifty american.

those chinese.  anything for a buck.

the view halfway up.  

and from the other side of the hill.  the village in the distance is, in fact, yangshuo.

the peak!  limestone, jutting.

and the hazy-polluted view from the summit of rice paddies below.  i bumped into a few other backpackers, including one from the bar the previous night, going on and on about how "somebody nicked my trainers!"  

silly brits.

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